Australasian Journal of Environmental Management | June 2022 issue

Published 18 July 2022

The Australasian Journal of Environmental Management (AJEM), Volume 29, Issue 2, June 2022 is now available online.

The AJEM is the EIANZ’s quarterly journal that publishes peer reviewed articles addressing a broad spectrum of policy and practice issues in environmental management. Published in conjunction with Taylor & Francis, the journal aims to enhance communication and understanding across many areas of resource and environmental management, and contribute to the improvement of environmental practice.

Articles in this edition

  • [Editorial] Water as a source of innovation in environmental policy and management; Helen Ross & Claudia Baldwin
  • Analysing environmental conflicts using the evaporating cloud tool; Arun A. Elias, Mahesh Gupta & Alina Haider
  • Emergent strategy and cascading behaviour patterns during crises: evidence from Brisbane’s 2011 floods; Omer Yezdani, Louis Sanzogni & Luke Houghton
  • Nutrient sources and loads in the River Derwent catchment, Tasmania; Bernadette C. Proemse, Iain Koolhof, Richard White, Leon A. Barmuta & Christine Coughanowr
  • The grey water footprint of milk due to nitrate leaching from dairy farms in Canterbury, New Zealand; Michael K. Joy, Douglas A. Rankin, Lara Wöhler, Paul Boyce, Adam Canning, Kyleisha J. Foote & Pierce M. McNie
  • Delivery or desirability of benefits? Predicting the effectiveness of egoistic and altruistic message appeals for recycled water use; Ben Posetti, Anna Hurlimann, Aaron Tkaczynski, Melanie Randle & Sara Dolnicar
  • Community-led land management: historical perspectives, future prospects; Danielle Brady, Keith Bradby, Gracie Butler & Andrea Gaynor

Accessing the AJEM

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