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2019 EIANZ Annual Conference

2019 EIANZ Annual Conference

2019 Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference

The Conference was held from November 4 - November 6.

Day 1 | Morning Sessions

Advancing Knowledge

Julian Howard
PFAS in the community: A South Australian case study of observed effects and the spectrum of responses

Pip Marks
Learning from the past is not a given

Gordon Young
Effective management of toxic work environments

Anna-Kate Goodall
Green Infrastructure, ecosystem services and the enablers and barriers for their implementation within wine-grape vineyards

Communities and cities

Stephen Holmes
SCEED Communities

Lindi Bowen
Resource Recovery Innovation in an regional city

Lucy Band & Jen Scott
A culture of calm: A new policy perspective on quiet spaces in cities

Claudia Baldwin
Using green infrastructure to adapt to heatwaves in cities

Social Impact Assessment

Brad Williams
Reslience and Innovative Leadership - Lessons learnt during the closure of the Flinders Power business

Jane Munday
Assessing significance: The values of values

Rachel Maas
Starting SIA field-work before significant project decisions are made - learning form case studies cross Australia and New Zealand

Lynn Riggs
Potential Social Impacts of Land-use Changes 2020-2050

Data & New Technology

Stuart Phinn
Environmental Mapping, Measurement, Monitoring and Modelling: Earth Observation Realities.

Lynn Riggs
Trends in household consumption and Carbon Emission

Anu Vijayan
Decision support for Natural asset management

Suzanne Orme
Introducing the Future-Fit Business Benchmark V2

Day 1 | Afternoon Sessions

Advancing Knowledge

Ballanda Sack
Can the law recognise, value and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage landscapes?

Aroha Spinks & Moira Poutama
Developing coastal zone transition action plans to mitigate climate change impacts using mätauranga Mäori (Mäori traditional knowledge), science and ecological economics

David Hinchley
Proactive Indigenous community-based IA

David Cole
A Balancing Act – Ships and Biosecurity Risk: Ballast Water Management and the Law

Succession Planning

Jane Kitson
Murihiku Cultural Water Classification system: a tool to empower whānau management of freshwater cultural uses

Alan Chenoweth
Reconstructing the concept of professionalism

Patrick Maiden
Taking our people to the second horizon: Building technical resilience in ecologists

Stuart Waters
Do we have what it takes to be innovative Environmental Managers

Integrated Assessment

Martin Ward
A ‘new’ assessment methodology termed “Integrated Assessment”

Robert Quigley
Integrated assessment tool use in urban planning case study

Martin Ward
Why use Integrated Assessment: The importance of collaborative relationships

Daniella von Rabenau
Sustainability Accreditation & Innovation: A Case Study

Environmental Awareness & Management

Sophie St John
Innovation stakeholder teams

Tim Walker
From tunnels to bridges and railways to wharfs - 10 years’ of innovative environmental management in a creative construction environment

Jade Wikaira
Cultural impact assessments: The intention and reality

Cara Parsons
Innovative habitat creation: installation and success of chainsaw carved hollows in subtropical Australia

Day 2 | Morning Sessions

Energy & Renewables

Matthew Peel
​​​​​​Seawater pumped hydro

Elizabeth Harvey
Aus H2 industry

Ashley Manna
ElectraNet: Transmission Infrastructure for a Renewable Future

Jessica Berry
Concerns in large-scale renewable projects

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Tom Holden
Implementing strategic assessments - some lessons learned

Mitchell Ross
Just how “strategic” are Strategic Environmental Assessments?

ZsuZsa Banhalmi-Zakar
Spatiotemporal trends in referrals under Australia’s EPBC

Carolyn Cameron
Improving Australian Stratgeic Assessment Process: lessons form Domestic & International SEA experts

Environmental Awareness & Management

Leo Drynan
Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink - Namoi Region Water for the Future Strategy

Fiona Gainsford
The forgotten people - improving environmental outcomes through asset management

Thomas Simonson
Vulnerable: the quantum of local government infrastructure exposed to sea level rise

Alan Chenoweth
Country Roots

Day 2 | Afternoon Sessions

Project Management - Impact Assessment

Karl Rosen
Port Kembla accelerated approvals

Megan Jones
How understanding stakeholder expectations can assist environmental impact assessment (EIA) remain resilient into the future

Pratik Solanki
How alliance contracting can benefit environmental outcome

Environmental Awareness & Management

Sarah-Lena Reinhold
Indigenous Worldview and Equality in Science for Policy

Erik Lock
Learnings on regulatory transparency for the South Australian minerals and energy sector

Bryan Jenkins
Managing to limits in not enough