Climate Change Forum: What you need to know and no one is talking about

Published 1st Aug 19 6:00 AM
  • “Is your health and/or wealth at risk? Who is at most risk of heat stress? Is your future income at risk, whether it sits in a superannuation fund or in a farm or city-based business? What sectors of the economy are most at risk? What does science tell us about these various risks? What can we do about these risks, particularly at a practical level?
  • Where in Australia and New Zealand are the people and industries likely to be adversely affected as the climate changes? What does the Actuaries Index show? How is the insurance industry going to react if we neglect scientific advice on where we build and how we build? Where does the law stand on property rights and the environment? On water rights? On climate change in general?
  • What can be done here in Australia and New Zealand to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change?

These and many similar questions are being asked around dining room tables, at BBQs, in coffee shops, in pubs, in doctors’ surgeries, in the board rooms of the major industries – wherever we gather and turn our minds to extreme heat events, severe droughts and floods, and attempt to guess the state of the world our children and grandchildren will have to live in.

This forum has been organised by environmental practitioners who in their day-to-day work are asked the above questions. The practitioners running this conference are members of a specialist Climate Change group of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ).”

The Program

  • Morning speakers
  • Panel discussion
  • Lunch break
  • Afternoon speakers
  • Panel discussion and workshop
  • Wind-up drinks –South Australian wine

Meet the Speakers

Tim Andrews (of Finity) on behalf of the Actuaries Institute
The Australian Actuaries Climate Index : The index presents objective measurements of extreme weather conditions as guide to businesses, consultants and governments in assessing changes in the frequency of extreme conditions.

Dr. Justine Bell-James | Law School University of Queensland

The potential legal risk associated with climate change, including prospective litigation against government, corporations and landholders

Tom Davies | on behalf of the Insurance Council

To what extent, and how, is the insurance industry taking climate change into account? What does this mean for environmental practitioners in their work?

Dr. Justin Peter | Science to Services Branch, Bureau of Meteorology

The details of climate monitoring to inform sectors of climate risk and financial losses. The sectors include building and construction, emergency services (fire, etc.) plus others.

Associate Professor Nick Wickham | Doctors for the Environment Australia

The threats to human health due to climate change: heat stress, movement of disease vectors, and much more.

Dr. Neal Hughes | ABARES

The impact of climate change on broad-acre crop and meat production.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are various sponsorship opportunities for this forum for those companies and individuals that wish to be involved in this special event.
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Event details

When: 6 Nov 2019
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Where: Flinders University
182 Victoria Square, Adelaide

Cost: EIANZ Members - $200, Non-members - $350, EIANZ Student Members - $50

Registrations Open: 1st Aug 19 5:00 PM

Registrations Close: 5th Nov 19 5:00 PM

Contact: EIANZ Central Office via or phone on 03 8593 4140

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Published 1st Aug 19 6:00 AM