World Environment Day 2023

Published 5 June 2023

The theme for World Environment Day 2023 is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. 

The UN Environment Programme report on 16 May 2023 proposes a mindset change to address the causes of plastic pollution which combines reducing problematic and unnecessary plastic use. This would combine working towards a circular economy and can be achieved by accelerating 3 key shifts reuse, recycle and reorient and diversify.

Read the report here →

This World Environment Day we need to be reminded that people’s action on plastic pollution matters. The steps that governments and businesses are taking to tackle plastic pollution are the consequence of this united action. It is up to all of us to accelerate this action and transition to a circular economy.

The mission of EIANZ is to connect and support environmental practitioners to promote a sustainable future. The work of our members is diverse, but all share the same passion and commitment towards promoting environmental knowledge and awareness and advancing ethical and competent environmental practice.

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Visit the World Environment Day website for further information including facts and figures, report and publications, and ways to get involved.