Revisions to By-Law 16 | Certification of Environmental Practitioners

Published 5 March 2024

Earlier this year EIANZ announced changes we are making to the way the Institute delivers its key programs, underpinned by a review of all by-laws. We are pleased to share that a revision of By-Law 16: Certification of Environmental Practitioners has been endorsed by the Board and is now in effect.

Key changes

The revised By-Law 16 better articulates the checks and balances in place for the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme (the Scheme), with the EIANZ Board and Certification Board required to engage with each other on changes such as to certification requirements or specialist fields of certification.

It also removes commercial pressures from the responsibilities of the Certification Board, to further protect the impartiality of certification decision-making in accordance with ISO 17024:2012. Conformity with ISO 17024 is a Heads of Environmental Protection Agencies Australia and New Zealand (HEPA) requirement for bodies certifying environmental practitioners. This separation from commercial pressures has been welcomed by regulators as it makes the Scheme more independent and robust.

The by-law also now better describes the Certification Board’s role as the voice of the Scheme to industry and government, and as a valued advisor to the EIANZ Board on the strategic direction of the Scheme.

Finally, the period for gaining the experience required to achieve certification has been extended, making it easier for part-time workers and those returning to the workforce from a personal leave period to qualify for certification.

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About the revision process

By-Law 16 has been revised in consultation with EIANZ’s Advisory Council, in accordance with Institute rules. The Board also sought input on the revisions from several former Certification Board members. Both groups provided invaluable insights and the EIANZ Board would like to thank them for their work.

Following this consultation process, the revised by-law has now been ratified by the Board and has taken effect.

EoIs now open

Expressions of interest for the re-formed Certification Board are open until 5.00pm Thursday 14 March. Applications from CEnvPs, EIANZ members, and other stakeholders from industry and government are strongly encouraged.

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