Journal helps promote good science

Published 17 November 2015 by Helen Ross FEIANZ, AJEM editor

Discussion sessions at the EIANZ Annual Conference raised the environmental profession’s need for good science to support environmental practice.  

Did you know the Institute established the Australasian Journal of Environmental Management, as one of its first initiatives back in 1994, for that very reason? There was, and without AJEM still would not be, any outlet for the encouragement and dissemination of Australian and New Zealand research on environmental policy and management.

That’s 433 articles  and 86 editorials to date on Australia and New Zealand that would not have been readily available to the profession and the EIANZ membership – or may not have been published at all. 

Your subscription as a full member contributes a small part to the cost of publication of AJEM. EIANZ also receives some offsetting revenue from royalties and advertising such that the overall cost to the membership is minimised.  

Providing this knowledge as a public good is one of EIANZ’s contributions to society. Your access to AJEM and all it offers is just one good reason to be a member of EIANZ.