Introducing the new Certification Board

Published 7 May 2024

EIANZ is pleased to announce the appointment of a re-formed Certification Board for the Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme.

Please join us in congratulating:

  • David Carberry FEIANZ CEnvP-IA + REAP
  • Dr Claire Conwell MEIANZ
  • Craig Cowper CEnvP-SC
  • Malinda Facey MEIANZ CEnvP-IA + REAP
  • Joanne Flint FEIANZ CEnvP
  • Maria Pedicini FEIANZ CEnvP
  • Tyler Sujdovic.

In addition to seven Certification Board members, the EIANZ Board has appointed three special advisors to assist the Certification Board with the administration and promotion of the Scheme: Mark Challoner MEIANZ CEnvP-SC (Registrars and Site Contamination), Dr Stuart Kininmonth MEIANZ CEnvP-ECO (Strategy and Ethical Practice) and Warren Pump MEIANZ CEnvP-SC.

EIANZ received 41 outstanding applications for the available positions. The Board would like to thank all those who expressed interest in contributing their considerable skills to the ongoing success of the Scheme.

In accordance with EIANZ By-law 16, the re-formed Certification Board is made up of practitioners from a range of areas of environmental practice and from a diversity of geographic locations. Our new Certification Board has a wealth of experience and expertise, putting the Scheme in a strong position for continued growth.

The re-formed Certification Board members will soon meet with the EIANZ Board to begin induction into their new roles.

Meet our new Certification Board