Environment Institute calls for more action on climate change and stronger national environmental laws

Published 4 November 2019

The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) renewed its call for all decision makers to take stronger action on climate change at its annual conference in Adelaide today. 

Opening the conference today, Adelaide’s Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor outlined the practical actions the city is undertaking to move towards carbon neutrality.

Chair of the Institute’s Climate Change Special Interest Section, Emeritus Professor Tor Hundloe, said today: “Climate change is the most significant challenge of our time.

“Australia must create stable, credible laws, policies and institutions that deliver effective action to substantially reduce domestic emissions.“

Speaking to the conference today, Adjunct Professor Rob Fowler highlighted that environmental laws in Australian and around the world are not achieving the expected outcomes, following the announcement last week of a review of the Australia’s national environmental law.

The Institute has committed to actively engage with the environmental law review, and called for the review to create a framework that addresses the critical environmental challenges facing Australia.

“We support the review of Australia’s environmental regulatory regime.
“We will draw on the experience of practitioners whose day-to-day knowledge of working with Australia’s laws and policies will provide a basis for delivering improved environmental outcomes,” said EIANZ President Dr Bryan Jenkins, today.

“The Institute will work collaboratively with government, academia and industry to help shape the future of our national environmental laws,” he said.
“We believe that competent and ethical environmental practitioners are part of the solution, and we call for laws that require the use of suitably qualified and experienced practitioners in environmental approvals, monitoring, reporting and management.”

Nicole Brown
Executive Officer
03 8593 4140