EIANZ welcomes ANET as a Community of Practice

Published 28 November 2023
EIANZ welcomes ANET as a Community of Practice


EIANZ is thrilled to announce the creation of a new Community of Practice!

The Australasian Network of Ecology and Transportation (ANET) will now operate as a Community of Practice (CoP) within the Ecology Special Interest Section (SIS).  

Having worked with ANET to co-host two conferences, including this week’s transport ecology conference in Christchurch, EIANZ is delighted to have ANET bring their expertise in this field to our community of environmental practitioners on an ongoing basis. This is a great opportunity for both EIANZ and ANET to expand our reach and impact, and we look forward to working with ANET to promote best practice in the environmentally sensitive design and implementation of linear infrastructure. 

As the Institute grows, now is a fantastic time to get involved with one of our SISs or CoPs. These groups provide an invaluable opportunity for members to connect with likeminded practitioners and engage in policy advocacy related to their interests. If you’d like to find out more, simply reach out via email to the relevant group’s contact person, listed in their description on our website. 
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About ANET

ANET is a professional network dedicated to the environmentally sensitive design and implementation of linear infrastructure. Its purpose is to promote high-quality research and best practice in transport ecology across Australasia. 

Roads, railways, and utility easements can have a devastating effect on the natural environment through habitat loss and degradation, wildlife fatalities, and the creation of barriers to wildlife movement. Yet, best environmental practice in linear infrastructure is not always readily available.  

ANET brings together the latest evidence in the field and aims to improve the flow of high-quality information among planners, engineers, regulators, researchers, and community groups. 

As a Community of Practice within the EIANZ’s Ecology Special Interest Section, ANET will facilitate networking, professional development, and advocacy for practitioners with an interest in transport ecology. It will continue to be operated by its current members. 

EIANZ members interested in transport ecology are encouraged to become involved with the ANET CoP.
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We are delighted to welcome ANET to the fold!