EIANZ Submission | Australia's new Nature Positive laws

Published 3 April 2024

EIANZ is pleased to share our recent submission on the Australian Government's new Nature Positive laws.

The proposed reforms provide a significant opportunity to fundamentally improve the way Australia protects both its biodiversity and its significant environmental assets. Due to the broad expertise of EIANZ's members, we are in a unique position to provide expert advice on the entirety of these critical legislative and policy changes.

In our submission, we argue that:

  • The reforms propose notable improvements including the formation of Environment Protection Australia and Environment Information Australia, the development of National Environmental Standards and the emphasis on regional planning.
  • In their current form, the proposals fail to capture the bold and holistic approach required to achieve the government’s stated aim to halt decline and repair nature. This can only be achieved via a national approach with well-defined objectives and principles, performance-based standards, and best-practice administration.

We make a number of recommendations for improvement and advise on specific policy detail provided on areas including assessment and approvals, strategic assessment and regional planning, and the draft National Environmental Standards. 

EIANZ has also provided advice in all four invitation-only consultations on the new laws. This advice is included as appendices to our submission, and feedback on the latest session (26-28 March) is provided as an addendum.

The Institute's submission was prepared by Policy & Standards Committee Chair Neil Marshman FEIANZ together with our Special Interest Sections and Communities of Practice for Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Biodiversity Offsets, Ecology, and Environmental Accounting. Thanks to all those involved for their hard work.

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