Nicholas Somes

Nicholas Somes

Abstract | Successful delivery of large scale ecological restoration projects

The conclusion of infrastructure projects is the restoration of the environment surrounding or over the new asset. The landscape to be constructed will vary depending on the asset and the environment to be rehabilitated, there are a myriad of tools, techniques and products that can be utilised. Inherently these landscapes are highly modified from pre-existing conditions with landforms altered and soils grossly disturbed. Restoration needs to recognise the level of disturbance and put in place robust solutions to re-stablish landscapes on the site that will survive.

Restoration approaches vary and typically are a variation of direct seeding or planting of nursery material. The author has experience in hydroseeding, compost blankets and direct planting of exotic and native plants.

This presentation will present on the range of solutions are available to restore landscapes and recent learnings on the ground across three states and will highlight the factors that lead to success. Attendees of the presentation will leave with an understanding of how to apply ecological restoration techniques in large scale projects.

Bio | Nicholas Somes

Dr Nicholas Somes is a civil engineer who has spent his career in landscape restoration and environmental sectors. as researcher, consultant and project manager. During his PhD research into to urban stormwater wetlands he developed many of the guiding design principles applied in Australia today. He has a 20 year involvement with the ecological restoration of road projects, having developed the methodology for designing and demonstrating compliance for water sensitive road designs and working in a company that delivers roadside landscapes in Victoria. In his current role he is the CEO of a group of companies that provide landscaping services and products to all sectors including the infrastructure projects across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Nick is passionate about designing and delivering sustainable landscapes.