Invited presentation

Invited presentation

Abstract | Connecting People, Connecting Culture through road projects: A VicRoads and Wurundjeri partnership

VicRoads and the Wurundjeri Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council have built a strong working partnership over the past decade. In recent times, the two organisations have been working closely to explore opportunities for Wurundjeri people and culture to be acknowledged and celebrated as part of all road projects on Wurundjeri country, expanding VicRoads focus beyond mere compliance with heritage legislation. This is providing an opportunity for Wurundjeri people to connect with VicRoads engineers, project managers and contractors, building relationships and influencing outcomes. In turn, this is allowing Indigenous perspectives to be incorporated into road projects, whilst helping VicRoads staff begin to appreciate the landscape through a cultural lens. We share some recent case studies.

Bio | Matt Mooney - VicRoads Cultural Heritage and Native Title Coordinator

Matt has a work history and qualifications in both natural resource management and archaeology. Since the early 2000s, Matt has worked across a number of government agencies, with small periods in private industry. A significant portion of Matt’s career has been dedicated to working with VicRoads engineers and project managers to avoid and minimise the impact of road projects on natural and cultural assets, and looking for pro-active opportunities wherever possible to enhance these assets. Matt has worked in a state-wide capacity as VicRoads Cultural Heritage and Native Title Coordinator for the past two years, building strong relationships with a number of Aboriginal organisations, including the Wurundjeri Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council, and particularly Aunty Doreen Garvey Wandin with whom Matt is presenting today.

Bio | Aunty Doreen Garvey Wandin - Wurundjeri elder and VicRoads - Wurundjeri Liaison Coordinator

Aunty Doreen Garvey Wandin is a Wurundjeri elder and works as the VicRoads - Wurundjeri Liaison Coordinator under a partnership agreement between VicRoads and Wurundjeri . Doreen has worked in this role for the past three years, assisting VicRoads to deliver positive outcomes for the Wurundjeri community over this time. This has included initiatives around recognition, respect and acknowledgment; employment and economic participation; and cultural heritage management. Aunty Doreen is a highly respected elder who is very active within the Wurundjeri community, and regularly delivers ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies at community events and has done so for many notable dignitaries including former Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard.