Open for consultation

Open for consultation

As environmental practitioners making a valuable contribution to the environment and our society, it is important for our voice to be heard on a range of significant matters. We encourage our members to actively contribute to policy submissions, both in collaboration with others or individually.

Around Australia and New Zealand, there are many opportunities to have your say. Below are just some of them.

Open for comment


Consultation closes

Waste Reform Regulatory Impact Statement Queensland Government 25 August 2017
Draft Migratory Species Action Plan 2017 ACT Government 25 August 2017
New assessment of the threatened status of New Zealand freshwater fish NZ Government 31 August 2017
Amendment to Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan Victorian Government 31 August 2017

Draft Recovery Plan for Clay pans of the Swan Coastal Plain ecological community

Australian Government 1 September 2017

Draft National Recovery Plan for the Macquarie Perch (Macquaria australasica)

Australian Government 1 September 2017
Proposal to remake the Water Management (General) Regulation 2011 NSW Government 3 September 2017
Call for information on paraquat and paraquat-containing substances EPA (NZ) 4 September 2017
Draft revised referral guideline for three threatened black cockatoo species: Carnaby’s Cockatoo, Baudin’s Cockatoo, Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Australian Government 5 September 2017
Draft Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry TAS Government 8 September 2017
Development of Water Resource Plans covering five groundwater sources NSW Government 15 September 2017
Proposed minimum environmental standards for scrap metal facilities EPA (NSW) 18 September 2017
Draft Marine management plans & renaming commonwealth marine reserves Australian Government 20 September 2017
New assessment of the threatened status of New Zealand marine mammals NZ Government 30 September 2017
Draft water monitoring and sampling manual - May 2017 QLD Government 30 September 2017
Review of fisheries sustainability measures NZ Government 1 October 2017
Environmental Protection (Water) Policy – proposed changes QLD Government 31 October 2017
Have your say on new public moorings and reef protection markers in the Great Barrier Reef QLD Government 28 January 2018
Comment on listing assessments Australian Government Various dates
Comment on national heritage assessments Australian Government Various dates

This list will be updated monthly. It is not an exhaustive list. If you have any comments or suggestions of something to add, please contact us at

Updated as at 17/08/2017