Open for consultation

Open for consultation

As environmental practitioners making a valuable contribution to the environment and our society, it is important for our voice to be heard on a range of significant matters. We encourage our members to actively contribute to policy submissions, both in collaboration with others or individually.

Around Australia and New Zealand, there are many opportunities to have your say. Below are just some of them.

Submissions being coordinated by EIANZ

Open for comment


EIANZ contact for submission

Contributions due by

Clean Water package 2017 NZ Government

Mark Bellingham
NZ Chapter

14 April 2017

Review of Climate Change Policies Australian Government

Andrew Chamberlin
Climate Change SIS

20 April 2017

Other opportunities

Open for comment


Consultation closes

Rehabilitation of mining and resources projects as it relates to Commonwealth responsibilities Commonwealth Senate Committee 10 April 2017
Draft Threat Abatement Plan for the Impacts of Marine Debris on Vertebrate Marine Species Australian Government 13 April 2017
Great Artesian Basin and other regional aquifers - draft water plan QLD Government 17 April 2017
Draft statewide Threat and Risk Assessment Report for the NSW marine estate NSW Government 18 April 2017
Fund My Project - Riverine Recovery SA Government 18 April 2017
Enhancing reef regulations discussion paper VIC Government 21 April 2017
Recycling equipment - exempt development NSW Government 26 April 2017
Centennial Park, Sydney - proposed National Heritage Listing Australian Government 28 April 2017
St Kilda Rd and Environs - proposed National Heritage Listing Australian Government 28 April 2017
Fracking inquiry NT Government 30 April 2017
Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice SA Government 8 May 2017
Draft Animal Welfare and Management Strategy ACT Government 10 May 2017
NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy NSW Government 10 May 2017
Draft Sustainability Strategy NSW Government 10 May 2017
Draft ACT Native Grasslands Conservation Strategy ACT Government 12 May 2017
Urban Development Authority proposal NZ Government 19 May 2017
Environmental Protection (Water) Policy – proposed changes QLD Government 31 May 2017
Review of the State NRM Plan SA Government 31 May 2017
Management plan for the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary SA Government 31 May 2017
A future plan for Haig Park ACT Government Late April 2017
Australia State of the Environment 2016 - Survey Australian Government 6 August 2017
Have your say on new public moorings and reef protection markers in the Great Barrier Reef QLD Government 28 January 2018
Comment on listing assessments Australian Government Various dates

This list will be updated monthly. It is not an exhaustive list. If you have any comments or suggestions of something to add, please contact us at

Updated as at 6/04/2017