WA Inland Waters Symposium

Published 17th December 20 12:00 AM

In partnership, the AWA, ECA and EIANZ will be holding the WA Inland Waters Symposium to discuss key Inland Water issues. Inland waters are water bodies inland from the coastal zone and areas whose properties and use are dominated by the permanent, seasonal, or intermittent occurrence of flooded conditions. Inland waters include groundwater (superficial and confined aquifers), and surface water such as rivers, lakes, floodplains, reservoirs, wetlands, inland saline systems and parts of waterways that have been artificially modified. Presentation covering Australian Water Quality Guidelines, eDNA, Managed Aquifers, DWER approach to InLand Water, DWER Health River Program, Monitoring Program and more.

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Event details

When: 17 February 2021
8:00 AM - 6:45 PM

Where: Burswood on Swan
1 Camfield Drive, Burswood

Registrations Open: 17th December 20 10:00 AM

Registrations Close: 17th February 21 7:30 AM

Contact: Enquiries via +61 3 8593 4140, or Belinda Bastow on 0418 950 678

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Published 17th December 20 12:00 AM