Update from the September Board Meeting

Published 8 Sep 2016 by Paul Keighley MEIANZ CEnvP, Board Secretary

The Board had a productive meeting on 8 September. Key outcomes of the meeting were:

  • Approval of the Corporate Plan 2016-2019. Key focus areas for implementation during this period will be to:
    • Enhance services to attract and retain members
    • Deliver professional development
    • Improve communications
    • Represent the profession
    • Improve organisational delivery.
  • Approval of Statement of Corporate Governance and making of new By-laws that cover the operation of the Divisions, Chapters and the Certification Scheme. These documents will be published on the website soon.
  • Consolidated end of year financials. The Board noted the solid end of financial year outcome for the Institute as a whole. This year the result has substantially improved compared to the 2014-15 financial year. This places the Institute in a stronger position.
  • Financial management. The Board thanked its treasurers and the Finance Committee for their effective management of the Institute’s finances. The Board also noted the excellent work of the Central Office Manager, Nicole Brown and the team for their efforts ‘behind the scenes’ in delivering the new financial management systems and providing support to all aspects of the Institute.
  • Upcoming matters. The Board also discussed a new risk management framework for the Institute, a potential scheme for accreditation of university degrees and reinvigorating partnerships with like-minded and aligned organisations.

The next Board meeting will be held on 2 November ahead of the Annual Conference, and will include a meeting with the Advisory Council.