Supporting environmental practice, building community & environmental resilience to natural disasters

Published 22 December 2020
Supporting environmental practice, building community & environmental resilience to natural disasters

The Australian Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements report was tabled in the Australian Parliament in late October this year. The report has 80 recommendations including calls for a more coordinated, standard, and consistent approach. Copies of the report and appendices are available on our website.  The EIANZ 2019 annual conference focussed on resilience and in 2020 the virtual annual conference, a series of seven webinars, focussed on recovery from disasters. Internationally, there is demand for ecosystem based disaster risk reduction and the consideration of indigenous knowledge.

The EIANZ has developed a suite of interim documents which capture material from the EIANZ conferences and relate to observations and recommendations of the Australian Royal Commission.  The statement and suggested actions are applicable to the Australian and New Zealand situations. The proposed approach is intended to inform others of the significant value added and opportunities for incorporating management of our natural assets in making our communities and environments disaster resilient. The documents are intended to support and guide environmental practitioners to take a lead role in improving community and environmental resilience to natural disasters.

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  • EIANZ Position Statement “Natural Disaster Resilience” – The Role of Environmental Practitioners in Building Community and Environmental Resilience to Natural Disasters
  • Context and Background – "Natural Disaster Resilience" -  A Background to natural disaster resilience and the relationship with environmental management
  • Suggested Actions for environmental practitioners, Divisions & Chapters and Special Interest Sections
  • Key references and resources

We welcome your feedback on these interim documents. Please let us know your comments by Friday 22 January 2021 by email office@eianz.orgOnce finalised, the documents will be published.