New Ecological Impact Assessment Guidelines for use in New Zealand

Published 30 March 2015 by New Zealand Chapter

The Institute has just launched a comprehensive guidance document for ecologists undertaking ecological impact assessment in New Zealand’s terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems – the first of its kind for professionals in New Zealand.

The Guidelines provide a reference source, founded in ecological science, that describe what Ecological Impact Assessment is, how it should be carried out, and what is specifically considered good practice. They aim to improve the scientific rigour, objectivity and consistency of Ecological Impact Assessments; and in doing so, raise the standard of practice and decision-making on environmental matters  in New Zealand. They are useful for ecologists undertaking assessments in private practice and local or central government, as well as for decision-makers in the environmental management area, and for students.

The Guidelines also contain a section on Professional Practice which addresses some of the ethical and practice issues that may be faced by ecologists undertaking or reviewing Ecological Imact Assessment.

The Guidelines were written by ecologists in the New Zealand Chapter for ecologists, and will be updated regularly in response to testing by professionals and feedback. 

The New Zealand Chapter is seeking comment and feedback from anyone using the guidelines. Please contact the Chapter by email: newzealand@eianz.org.