EIANZ's response to the latest IPCC report

Published 11 March 2022


In response to the IPCC Working Group II Sixth Assessment Report, the EIANZ calls for immediate and effective action from governments and other decision makers in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, to mitigate climate change and to adapt and build resilience to what has already been locked in.

Drawing on the expertise of our Climate Change Special Interest Section, our response summarises the significant points of concern detailed in the report and includes recommendations for action.



The EIANZ has a clear interest in environmental protection, sustainable development and maintaining objective professional standards as we respond to the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. We will continue to develop and certify environmental practitioners to help ensure environmental practice keeps pace with what is needed. We will continue to harness the expertise and commitment of our members to advocate for strong action on climate change by policy and decision makers. We will continue to work to build the environment profession across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand so that we can meet future climate change challenges.