Annual review of membership fees

Published 9 May 2018

At our recent annual review of membership, the EIANZ Board approved a slight increase of 5% to full and associate membership fees for 2018/19, which will take effect on 1 July 2018. This is not a decision we take lightly and we would like to share our thinking and some of the initiatives we will be supporting next year. 

The EIANZ membership numbers have been steady for the last year and we’ve seen strong growth in student numbers (thanks to some great initiative across the Institute). Having strong uptake by students and being able to subsidise student membership is crucial for the future of the EIANZ.

Over the next year, there are a number of new and continuing initiatives, many of which are supported by your membership fees. 

  • EIANZ is continuing to develop a Qualification Accreditation Scheme for universities, to ensure that quality, ethical environmental practice is available from the very moment someone starts studying in the field.
  • There will be more calls for New Initiatives Funding (NIF) – a scheme which this year funded events, book publications and partnerships.
  • We will be streamlining the systems to manage membership and communication to make it easier to manage your memberships and CEnvP certifications in the one place.
  • We will continue to provide professional development at every stage of your career (from students, through early career, accreditation and mentoring programs).
  • We will continue to represent you and the profession by advocating to governments for better policies to deliver improved environmental outcomes as well as for greater recognition within regulatory and policy settings.
  • And of course, we remain committed to events, webinars, conferences and networking.

After taking all of this into account, considered fees for comparable associations we felt that a small increase for full and associate members is justified to ensure we can sustainably provide more services, member support and encouragement for student members. We hope you understand and we look forward to sharing these opportunities in the coming year.