Heritage Special Interest Section

Heritage Special Interest Section

The Heritage Special Interest Section (Heritage SIS) was established following endorsement from the EIANZ Board on the 2 November 2016. The purpose of the Heritage SIS is to:

  • Develop and promote knowledge about this specialised area of environmental practice
  • Advance the professional standing and recognition of heritage practitioners through the CEnvP Scheme.

Management Committee

The Management Committee for the Heritage SIS comprises the following EIANZ members:

  • Richard Sharp FEIANZ CEnvP (Chair)
  • Shaun Canning FAAS MAACAI MEIANZ M.ICOMOS CEnvP (Deputy Chair)
  • Damian Wall MEIANZ CEnvP (Secretary)
  • Mark Butz MEIANZ
  • Mary-Jean Sutton
  • Vanessa Hardy MEIANZ M.ICOMOS
  • Claire Everett MEIANZ
  • Kasey Robb MAACAI MEIANZ

Key activities for 2017-18

  • Convene a session on heritage at the 2017 EIANZ Annual Conference
  • Organise an edition of the Australasian Journal of Environment Management dedicated to heritage policy and practice
  • Establish the Certified Environmental Practitioner heritage specialisation under the current CEnvP scheme

Become involved

If you are an EIANZ member and would like to become involved with the Heritage SIS and its activities, send a message to heritage@eianz.org.