Ecology Special Interest Section

Ecology Special Interest Section

The Ecology Special Interest Section (SIS) provides a focus on the ecology profession, drawing on the strengths of EIANZ members and Certified Environmental Practitioners. The Ecology SIS encourages active dialogue and participation in robust discussions around current and emerging trends, issues and challenges in ecology.

In 2010, Ecology was included as a specialist certification category in the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme.

Purpose of the Ecology SIS is to:

  • Advance the professional standing and recognition of ecology practitioners through the CEnvP Scheme.
  • Develop and promote knowledge about this specialised area of environmental practice

Management Committee

The Management Committee for the Ecology SIS comprises the following EIANZ members and Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvPs):

  • Richard Sharp FEIANZ CEnvP (Chair)
  • Nelson Wills MEIANZ CEnvP (Deputy Chair)
  • Jacinta Saad (Secretary)
  • Mervyn Mason CEnvP (Ecology Specialist)
  • David Wassman MEIANZ CEnvP

Key activities for 2018 - 2019

  • Organise a special issue of the Australasian Journal of Environment Management dedicated to ecology policy and practice
  • Convene a two-day symposium on the policy and practice of ecological surveys in Australia and New Zealand

Find out more or get involved

Any members who would like to participate in the Ecology SIS and support the continuation of this important role within the Institute are encouraged to contact Richard Sharp FEIANZ, CEnvP and Chair of the Ecology SIS, at ecology@eianz.org.