Ecology Special Interest Section

Ecology Special Interest Section

The Ecology Special Interest Section (SIS) provides a focus on the ecology profession, drawing on the strengths of EIANZ members and Certified Environmental Practitioners. The Ecology SIS encourages active dialogue and participation in robust discussions around current and emerging trends, issues and challenges in ecology.

In 2010, Ecology was included as a specialist certification category in the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme.

The main objectives of the Ecology SIS are to:

  • Be compatible with other existing groups and to become complimentary with their needs.
  • Network other groups using the Institute's infrastructure to help them develop joint forums.
  • Communicate regional outcomes to professional ecologists throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • Help develop and / or raise awareness of appropriate standards for ecological practice.

Some of the tasks that the Ecology SIS will be undertaking include:

  • Providing advice regarding the criteria for the assessment of the CEnvP Ecology Specialist category
  • Preparing submissions on relevant government policy
  • Developing new guidance material around threatened species management
  • Contributing to the growth of EIANZ membership amongst wildlife and landscape managers, protected area managers, academic researchers, and practicing consulting ecologists generally
  • Providing support for EIANZ advocacy on matters to do with ecology
  • Developing EIANZ branded material for use in senior secondary schools and universities advocating careers based on the study of ecology and biological sciences.

Ecological Impact Assessment Guidelines

In 2010, as a contribution to advancing 'competent environmental practice', the EIANZ’s Ecology SIS drafted general guidance on ecological assessment and biodiversity management. This was the first attempt in Australasia to combine modern principles of Ecology Impact Assessments into one document and a working draft was subsequently produced.

Download the draft guidelines to find out more →

In 2012, the New Zealand Chapter embarked on the development of more specific guidance for ecologists working in New Zealand. These guidelines were based on the 2010 working draft, however, they were drafted from an ecologist’s perspective and in particular how to conduct EcIA under the Resource Management Act 1991.

These guidelines, released in 2015, provide published and website references to many of the approaches, methods and techniques used in ecological impact assessment in New Zealand and identify good practice environmental management approaches.

Download the Ecological Impact Assessment Guidelines for use in New Zealand →

Assessing significant ecological values in New Zealand

In 2016, EIANZ called together professional ecologists in New Zealand to discuss what was ecologically significant under the Resource Management Act. Following these discussions, the views from the New Zealand Chapter and the Ecology SIS to move forward the standards for protecting significant ecological areas in New Zealand on private land have been documented.

Read the report >

Find out more or get involved

Any members who would like to participate in the Ecology SIS and support the continuation of this important role within the Institute are encouraged to contact Dave Fleming, Chair of the Ecology SIS, at ecology@eianz.org.