Climate Change Special Interest Section

Climate Change Special Interest Section

The Climate Change Special Interest Section (CCSIS) was established following endorsement from the EIANZ Board in 2011. The purpose of the Climate Change SIS is to maintain an Institute focus on climate change and direct member activities in this area to benefit the Institute and environment industry as a whole.

Management Committee

  • Neil Marshman FEIANZ | Chair
  • Colin Bailey MEIANZ
  • David Bell FEIANZ
  • Darren Cruise MEIANZ
  • Andrew Douglas MEIANZ
  • Nicole Dunne
  • Bronwyn Dwyer MEIANZ
  • Regina Flugge MEIANZ
  • Celia Hayes MEIANZ
  • Kim McClymont FEIANZ CEnvP
  • Simon Molesworth AO QC HLMEIANZ CEnvP
  • Ellen O'Brien MEIANZ
  • Stephen Smith MEIANZ

Key activities

  • Developing and implementing a certification process for climate change practitioners under the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme.
  • Developing and delivering a climate change adaptation professional development program.
  • Delivering effective and efficient practice outcomes for the climate and the impacted environment.
  • Defining appropriate climate related practice for environmental practitioners.
  • Representing the interests and standing of environmental practitioners and the Institute externally.
  • Ensuring that EIANZ members have an active voice in this space.

In 2014, Climate Change was added as a specialist category to the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme, making it the first certification program for climate change practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.

Become involved

There is a lot happening in the CCSIS and many opportunities to become involved. To find out more contact ccsis@eianz.org.

For a list of useful climate change related websites and online resources, refer to the 'Resources' section.