South East Queensland

  • 29 Jun 2016 SEQ

    Forensic Botany - the silent witness to murder

    What do crepe myrtle, cats claw creeper, eucalypt leaves, fish bone fern, lillipilly and chinese elm have in common? There were traces of these plants in the hair of Allison Baden-Clay. Find out how this was a key piece of evidence in the trial of Gerard Baden-Clay.

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  • Wednesday 7 September 2016 SEQ

    National Flying Fox Forum

    Flying foxes are gregarious animals that can disrupt people sleeping and camps produce strong odours, which make adjacent living difficult. In 2013, the then Government allowed a relaxation of Damage Mitigation Permits under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992 to allow local government to make as of right decisions for management of flying foxes without applying for a permit. This change prompted many councils to embark on dispersal programs for camps within close proximity to residential areas, with varying levels of success.

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  • 2 Nov 2016 SEQ

    Student and Early Careers Congress

    The Students and Early Careers Congress is one-day event targeted at emerging leaders and bright minds in the environment industry featuring presentations from young researchers as well as some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading experts.

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