New South Wales

  • 8 Dec 2016 NSW

    NSW Young Professionals Christmas

    Please join a suite of young professionals at the Young Professionals Christmas event on 8 December. EIANZ is a supporting sponsor of this event.

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  • 8 Feb 2017 WEB

    Careers Webinar: Make 2017 your best work year yet

    Whether you are looking for your first environmental sustainability role, your next one, or to make the most of the one you have got, this webinar is a great place to start.

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  • 7 September 2017 SEQ

    National Flying-fox Forum

    Flying-foxes are gregarious animals that can disrupt people sleeping and camps produce strong odours, which make adjacent living difficult. They are also protected species, including some that are threatened, and management of camps requires approaches that are ethical, humane and will not negatively impact on each population.

    Join us for the second annual National Flying-fox forum.

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