About the Environment Institute

Our Vision
Sustainable and equitable management of the environment through excellence in environmental practice.

Our Mission
We will lead environmental practitioners, set standards for best available environmental practices, support and enable practitioners to promote and achieve a sustainable and equitable management of the environment.

Primary Purposes
- Advance ethical and competent environmental practice
- Promote environmental knowledge and awareness
- Facilitate interaction among environmental practitioners

The Institute was formed to meet the needs of environmental practitioners. It is a non-profit, politically independent professional association. Founded in 1987, the Institute is multi-disciplinary in membership and provides scope and opportunity for professional and academic interchanges across all sectors of the diverse environmental industry.

The Institute has a key role within the Australian and New Zealand communities as a major contributor to the formulation of effective and responsible policies in the broad field of environmental management. The practical consequence of the Institute’s involvement in environmental management reform processes is a long-term improvement in the quality of environmental management. This must, in turn, lead to a better protected and managed global environment as Institute members pursue their endeavours and apply their skills to local environments.