Corporate membership

Corporate membership

Corporate membership to the EIANZ offers organisations a discount on membership fees for their employees. The discount applied depends on the number of members belonging to the corporate membership:

  • A 10% discount applies to corporate memberships with 5 to 19 people
  • A 15% discount applies to corporate memberships with 20 to 49 people
  • A 20% discount applies to corporate memberships with 50 or more people.

Each person belonging to the corporate membership must still apply as an individual member to the institute and their membership application is assessed individually.

A primary contact must be nominated for the corporate membership. This is who EIANZ will liaise with regarding applications, payment and renewals.

Applications for corporate membership cannot currently be made online. Please contact the EIANZ Central Office to discuss.

More information

For more information or to apply for corporate membership, please contact EIANZ Central Office by phone on + 613 8593 4140 (AU) or +64 9887 6972 (NZ) or by email at