Webinar | Job hunting in the Pandemic

Published 11th November 20 12:00 AM

Participants will gain an understanding of the practical steps they can take to maximise their job prospects, based on the practical advice/story of other early career professionals, when job hunting in the pandemic. Participants will also learn about the status of the environmental jobs market overall and what hiring managers are looking for during this time. There will be four people speaking on the night, consisting of a senior hiring manager, two university graduates and one mid-level professional all sharing their stories of successful hires in the pandemic.

Meet the Speakers

Gina Minatel | Ecologist at AARC Environmental Solutions
Gina is a hardworking, highly motivated, proactive and versatile professional who works across various industries on a range of environmental issues, offering expert advice and assessment services to ensure that possible damaging effects to biodiversity are avoided, minimised and managed. Gina works at AARC Environmental Solutions and is currently involved in undertaking a variety of field based assessments and preparing a range of desktop and field based reports.
Gina has completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland (UQ) with a focus in plant science and ecology

Ailsa Kerswell | Principal Consultant at 2Rog Consulting
Solving complex environmental challenges is what Ailsa does and loves. Over many years, this has ranged from translating complex scientific information into robust environmental policy and impact assessments through to undertaking detailed academic research into how stressors operate in the marine environment. She is also passionate about building vibrant teams to achieve positive and balanced outcomes both for people and the environment. She strives to be a great leader, prioritising kindness, integrity and fun along my journey.

Claire De Wit | Environmental Officer at Department of Environment and Science
Claire is currently employed as an Environmental Officer at the Department of Environment and Science, Queensland Government, within the Environmental Services and Regulation division. She regularly access and interpret legislation, in particular, the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and its associated regulations and guidelines. She is very interested in circular economy principles and always aim to incorporate resource recovery and waste management strategy thinking into my line of work.
All of the projects that she has been privileged to undertake are related to sustainable development and are intertwined with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She have a passion for sustainability and will continue to work hard every day to contribute in some way towards a better, brighter future for all.

Isabel Frew | Graduate Environmental Consultant | Sustainability

Isabel has recently finished her Bachelor of Environmental Management at the University of Queensland, majoring in sustainable development. Her interests are sustainable business consulting. She has experience across a multitude of fields relating to Environmental Management.

This webinar will run on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

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When: 25 November 2020
5:30 PM - 6:45 PM

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Published 11th November 20 12:00 AM