Webinar | Improving the robustness of water planning under climate variability and change

Published 2nd July 20 12:00 AM

EIANZ invites you to attend our upcoming Improving the robustness of water planning under climate variability and change webinar presented by Anthony Kiem, Associate Professor in Hydroclimatology at the University of Newcastle.

Floods and droughts cause significant problems. However, we still do not know the true chance of a flood or water shortage occurring or how reliable existing infrastructure is for dealing with current and future flood/drought risks. This talk first summarises research that shows that droughts/floods worse than those in the instrumental record are possible and that current drought/flood risk estimates are misleading given insights now available from palaeoclimate data. The talk will then briefly discuss ongoing research which has found that (i) recent warming (since 1990) is associated with over 40% decrease in average annual streamflow in eastern Australia when compared with the average over the ~120 year historical record and (ii) future warming is expected to be associated with even larger reductions in streamflow. The implications of these findings for water security, flood/drought management, policy and infrastructure will also be discussed.

Meet the Speaker:

Anthony Kiem's research focus is on understanding the drivers and impacts of climate variability and change in the Asia-Pacific region. Of particular interest are hydrological extremes and how these may change in the future. Anthony has experience in characterising impacts of climate variability and change, seasonal/interannual forecasting, extreme event (e.g. flood, drought, bushfire etc.) risk analysis, hydrological modelling, stochastic modelling, and water resources management.

Event details

When: 12 August 2020
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Where: Webinar

Cost: $10 - EIANZ Members, $20 Non-members

Registrations Open: 2nd July 20 10:00 AM

Contact: Enquiries via +61 3 8593 4140 or

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Published 2nd July 20 12:00 AM