Webinar | Ethics Workshop | 3 part lunchtime series

The EIANZ is pleased to provide an opportunity for its members and stakeholders to attend an Ethics Workshop across 3 lunchtime sessions.

Often when facing these ethical challenges, we find ourselves uncertain of how to proceed due to the complexity involved. Lacking sufficient information to be sure of our choices, and with the guiding values we may look to often being unable to deal with the practical realities on the ground, we are often forced to resort to simply making our best guess, and hoping we made the right choice.

Professional ethics can help break this deadlock, providing a variety of decision-making frameworks and tools to help us better grasp the nature of ‘shades of grey’ situations, and develop far more effective strategies to solve them as a result. This 3 part lunchtime series will provide an introduction to both the theory and the practice of professional ethics in the environmental management sector, including several case studies. What will be covered in each session is outlined below.

The sessions will be recorded and a link to access the recording will be sent to all registered attendees.

Session 1: Ethics | 8 February 2022

A brief introduction to ethical theory, sufficient for both basic introduction and refreshing knowledge. This will include the EIANZ Code of Ethics. Drawing on experiences/examples from attendees, these ethical frameworks will be applied and strategies developed for resolving the offered challenges.

Exercise: In order to practice use of professional ethics, attendees will be assigned the task of consciously applying a Consequentialist ethical approach in their work for the next week and briefly documenting the pros and cons of this approach.

Session 2: Power | 15 February 2022

Attendees will discuss their experience putting a Consequentialist ethical approach into practice professionally. Results will be contrasted against the Institute’s Code and any discrepancies discussed.

A brief introduction to the theory of power dynamics. Drawing on experiences/examples offered in session 1 by attendees, the implications of power dynamics will be discussed and added to the strategies developed.

Exercise: Attendees will be provided with a Seven Forms of Power checklist to contemplate and complete for their professional role over the next week.

Session 3: Integration | 22 February 2022

Attendee will discuss their Power self-assessment in the context of their professional roles, including any changes to attitude or conduct prompted.

Drawing on the exercises and examples of sessions 1 and 2, attendees will workshop how they can integrate both ethics and power into their day-to-day professional practices, both immediately and systemically, to advance the interests of the profession and themselves. The content of the sessions will be summarised and attendees referred to supporting Institute resources and training to support ongoing best-practice.

Meet the facilitator: Gordon Young

Gordon Young is the Professional Ethicist and Principal of Ethilogical Consulting, Lecturer in Professional Ethics with RMIT University’s School of Design, and Author of Power and the Professional, published by McFarland Press.

This event will run on Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).

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When: 8, 15 & 22 Feb from 1pm - 2pm (AEDT)

Where: Webinar

Cost: $30 - EIANZ members, $15 - EIANZ Student members, $60 - non-members (AUD)

Contact: Enquiries via +61 3 8593 4140 or

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