Webinar | EPBC Act - where to from here?

EIANZ invites you to a webinar that was presented on Thursday 22 July 2021. EPBC Act - where to from here? You are registering to receive a recording of the live event.

  • The webinar will be an informational and engaged forum to hear different views and opinions on the Government's progress on the EPBC Act review to date, as well as discussing what the next steps should be.
  • It will be an open dialogue from key people in the EPBC Act space and demonstrates the Institute's desire to be a voice on national environmental policy.
  • Key topics will be 'what has been the Government's progress to date, what are the next steps, what SHOULD be the next steps'

Meet the Speakers:

Declan O'Connor-Cox, Assistant Secretary, Environment Protection Reform Division | Reform Strategy at Department of the Environment and Energy

Declan O’Connor-Cox is the Assistant Secretary of the Environment Protection Reform Branch within the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. The Branch is responsible for delivering the Australian Government’s environmental reform agenda in response to the independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Prior to that he worked as Assistant Secretary in the Environment Approvals Division responsible for a number of areas, including environmental assessments and post approvals management.

Declan also has experience leading the delivery of a range of Australian Government initiatives in the product stewardship, waste policy and air quality areas. This includes reforms to the National Pollutant Inventory, the introduction of the Product Emissions Standards Act 2017, reforming the Product Stewardship for Oil Scheme, and Australia’s first national scheme for recycling end-of-life tyres.

Declan is committed to working with stakeholders to produce good outcomes and sees his current role as a once in a decade opportunity to make a major contribution to reforming Australia’s central environmental legislation.

Rachel Walmsley, Head of Policy & Law Reform | Environmental Defenders Office
Rachel Walmsley is the Head of Law Reform at Environmental Defenders Office. She has over 17 years experience working on public interest environmental law and policy in Australia and overseas. She has written extensive law reform submissions and discussion papers and advised governments and NGOs on a range of environmental law issues, including climate policy, planning, natural resource management and biodiversity laws.
Rachel is a member of a number of government and non-government advisory committees on biodiversity, natural resource and environment issues, a legal advisor to the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, legal advisor to the Places You Love alliance on national law reform, and guest lectures in environmental law. Rachel is a member of the Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law (APEEL) and a member of IUCN – World Commission on Environmental Law.
Rachel’s previous work has included advising the peak environment groups of NSW on environmental legislation before the NSW parliament, undertaking research for the Australian Centre for Environmental Law (ACEL) at ANU, and conservation field work for a British conservation organisation in Tanzania and the UK. Rachel has also been a Co-Consulting Editor of the Australian Environment Review and Chair of the Australian Committee for IUCN.
Rachel is a practising solicitor, with a Masters in Environmental Science and Law from University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in international biodiversity law and a Bachelor of Arts from ANU.

Peter Burnett, Honorary Associate Professor | ANU School of Law
Peter recently completed his PhD in environmental policy and law and has been appointed as an Honorary Associate Professor in the College of Law. From 2000 to 2013 he held a number of senior leadership positions in the Federal Department of Environment and worked on a diverse range of policy and regulatory issues including development of national pollution standards, Australia's international participation in chemical and waste issues, World and National Heritage, environmental impact assessment of major developments, and reform of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Before joining the Federal Department he was Environment Management Authority in the ACT.

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