Webinar | Edible Insects!

Published 24th September 20 12:00 AM

In this webinar Olympia will the discuss how Goterra delivers smart city infrastructure for decentralised food waste management.

Insects for human consumption represents an exciting opportunity for the Australian food industry and cultural sector. It’s an area of food production that is growing at a high pace and showing strong economic potential across the world with a $2 billion expected valuation by 2030. Australia is well placed to deliver on an edible insect industry, and we can leverage our clean and green brand. With thoughtful, capable and innovative farmers, we are on our way to being the Silicon Valley of the next frontier of food production.

Meet the Speaker

Olympia Yarger | Goterra

Olympia Yarger is the founder of Goterra, where she leads the vision of redefining waste management with biotechnology and eco-friendly infrastructure design. Olympia is passionate about building products that allow businesses to meet a growing consumer demand for sustainable service provision and agile infrastructure capability.

Goterra was founded to solve a protein shortage problem and has since become a cutting edge infrastructure technology company, leading the industry in creating waste management ecosystems, using insects.

Through Olympia’s leadership, Goterra has planted their flag globally as the first company to deploy and commercialise a modular solution that uses robots to collaborate with insects to redefine waste management. Olympia’s love for her work and deep connection to the mission of Goterra have made the company a driving force in her life, tying it closely to her values of sustainability and tangible innovation that can actively change the world - not just talk about it.

This webinar will run on Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDST).

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When: 26 November 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Where: Webinar

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Published 24th September 20 12:00 AM