EPBC Act Review Webinar Series | 6 Webinars

Published 19th March 20 10:00 AM

The EIANZ is compiling a comprehensive submission to the discussion paper released as part of the independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999).

We are leading the way for environmental practitioners to become involved in the review process. This webinar series was held from 3 March 2020 to 9 April 2020. Even though these webinars have been held, you can still register to access the recordings. These webinars aim to:

  • Provide an opportunity for environmental practitioners to gain information relating to the review process specific areas of focus
  • Harness the skills and expertise of people that work closely with the Act to refine the Institute's submission to the discussion paper
  • Position the Institute and environmental practitioners to participate in the review process beyond the discussion paper.

The themes of the presentations are directly related to the discussion paper questions.

Webinar 1
Tuesday 31 March 2020

Objective and Scope
Speaker: Peter Burnett

Webinar 2
Wednesday 1 April 2020

Regulatory Approaches and Authority
Speaker: Nick Thomas

Webinar 3
Thursday 2 April 2020
Review Focuses and Priorities
Speaker: Nick Withers
Webinar 4
Tuesday 7 April 2020
1pm AEST
Impact Assessment
(SIA and Cumulative Impacts)
Speaker: Carolyn Cameron
Webinar 5
Wednesday 8 April 2020
1pm AEST
Indigenous and Heritage
Speaker: Lauren Butterly
Webinar 6
Thusrday 9 April 2020
1pm AEST
Matters of National Environmental Significance
(Climate Change and New Additions)
Speaker: Nicola Rivers

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Webinar 1 | Objectives and Scope of the Act

Dr Peter Burnett will be presenting on the current scope and objectives of the EPBC Act, with a focus on Ecological Sustainable Development. Dr Burnett will also speak on the current model underpinning the Act, how effective the model is and potential alternative models that may be more effective.

Webinar 2 | Regulatory Approaches and Authority

Nick Thomas will be presenting on the current regulatory approaches in the Act and the governance arrangements that support these approaches. This was a common theme in the discussion paper questions released by the Secretariat. Nick will also explore new regulatory approaches such as offsets and how they may be implemented into the Act.

Webinar 3 | Review Focuses and Priorities

Nick Withers will present on what aspects of the Act the review should focus on and areas that should be prioritised. His talk will focus on the need for reform and the key principles or goals of that reform, such as better and proper federalism and commonwealth leadership, and independent goal setting linked to measurable outcomes and compliance.

Webinar 4 | Impact Assessment

For the past several years the Impact Assessment Special Interest Section has convened a working group on Strategic Environmental Assessment; the topic of the webinar will be the increasing use of strategic approaches in IA and points for consideration in the EPBC Act review. The webinar will discuss the main points from the IA SIS’s working group on SEA’s submission to the EPBC Act and be presented by Carolyn Cameron.

Webinar 5 | Indigenous and Heritage

Lauren Butterly will be presenting on the Indigenous and Heritage aspects of the Act. She will focus on Indigenous involvement, and how Indigenous Protected Areas and the National Reserve System should be incorporated under the Act, drawing comparisons from recent changes in Canadian legislation.

Webinar 6 | Matters of National Environmental Significance

Nicola Rivers will present on Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES), including the extent of regulatory reach and if it is appropriate, if and how the MNES should be changed, and the governance arrangements behind achieving desired outcomes related to MNES.

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Published 19th March 20 10:00 AM