Call for Posters

Call for Posters

National Biodiversity Offsets Conference

Monday 26 - Wednesday 28 August 2019
Hotel Realm | 18 National Circuit, Canberra ACT 2600

The National Biodiversity Offsets Conference, to be held on 26 to 28 August 2019 in Canberra, will provide an opportunity to:

  • Discuss their history and effectiveness in addressing environmental impacts;
  • Share the experiences from all levels of government;
  • Learn from academics, the legal fraternity and those involved in offset markets;
  • Hear from individuals involved in the hands-on delivery of offsets;
  • Explore different metrics for measuring impact and calculating offset delivery; and
  • Debate the relative benefits of direct, indirect and ‘pay and go’ offsets.

This conference will be of interest to policy makers, regulatory authorities, academics, offset brokers, environmental practitioners, offset providers and the legal fraternity. All participants will receive an understanding of every aspect of biodiversity offsets and the opportunity to participate in a closing session aimed at identifying priorities for biodiversity.

As this conference is 'invite only' for speakers, we are inviting posters instead. This is your opportunity to contribute to an integral part of the conference program.

Call for Posters is now open

The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) invites professionals, academics and students involved with biodiversity offsets to prepare a poster for the event. Posters can cover a range of subjects relating to biodiversity offsets and may include case examples or theoretical approaches, but must consider the aims of the conference. Specifically, in order to aid in shaping the future of biodiversity offsets your poster must:

  • Discuss the positive aspects of biodiversity offsets pertaining to your project;
  • Discuss what needs to change in relation to biodiversity offsets; and
  • Identify potential solutions to the issues you have identified.

If you are interested in contributing to the event please prepare a brief abstract (300 words maximum) submitted through the EIANZ website by no later than Monday 15 July 2019.

You will be advised whether your poster has been accepted by Wednesday 17 July 2019. Successful applicants will be required to register for the conference, prepare and submit a hard copy of the poster in person at the Hotel Realm, Canberra prior to the end of morning tea session on 26 August 2019. Posters are to be prepared according to the following criteria:

  • The maximum poster size allowed is 1 metre wide by 1.2 metres high;
  • The poster should be attached with velcro which can be obtained from the registration desk; and
  • Font should be of a legible size.

Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference. There will be a designated poster session between 4:00pm - 5:00pm on 26 August. You will be required to stand with your poster to promote your topic and field questions from participants about your work.

At the event, we encourage successful candidates to provide an A4 copy of your poster and/or business card with your contact details at your poster for people to collect during meal breaks and at the designated poster session.

Submit an abstract >

Abstracts must be submitted online and received by no later than Monday 15 July 2019.

Important Dates

Poster submissions close

Monday 15 July 2019

Poster acceptance notification

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Poster presenter registration deadline

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Registrations open

Thursday 30 May 2019

Early Bird Registrations closes

Monday 22 July 2019

National Biodiversity Offsets Conference

Monday 26 - Wednesday 28 August 2019

Gala Dinner at Old Parliament House

Monday 26 August 2019

Technical Field Trip

Wednesday 28 August 2019



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