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  • Kevin Tearney MEIANZ

    Kevin Tearney MEIANZ

    Kevin Tearney MEIANZ President
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    Kevin is an experienced environmental professional who has provided advice in respect of groundwater resource development and contaminated land management for over 30 years, mainly within New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

    Kevin has also contributed as author and working group member to national guidance documents for contaminated land management in New Zealand, working with Ministry for the Environment.

    In 2003, Kevin joined the fledgling Wellington branch of the New Zealand Chapter of EIANZ and participated in the initial success of the organisation in Wellington. As a strong advocate for professionalism in environmental practice, in particular to encourage ethical behavior and continuing education, Kevin was a member of the Wasteminz working group established to develop a certification scheme for contaminated land practitioners in New Zealand (Suitability Qualified and Experienced Practitioner (SQEP) under the NES), now part of the CEnvP Contaminated Land Specialist certification. He also participated as the contaminated land specialist on CEnvP panels following launch of the scheme in New Zealand.

    Kevin has a background in Earth Sciences (geology and geophysics) and holds and MSc in Geology from the University of Auckland. He is a member of the New Zealand Geoscience Society and the Australian Land and Groundwater Association.

    Kevin is currently Principal - Environment, Planning and Spatial at Jacob’s in Wellington.

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  • Keith Calder MEIANZ

    Keith Calder MEIANZ

    Keith Calder MEIANZ Vice President
    +64 274 944 901 Email

    Keith has been a full member of EIANZ since 2010. He has worked for Porirua City Council since 2008 coordinating development of a community and multi-agency restoration plan for the Porirua Harbour, and is now responsible for coordinating the implementation of that Strategy. Previously he was the Operations Manager for the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (now called Zealandia) for 5 years, and otherwise worked for the, then Ministry of Works and Development as a policy analyst and planner in water and soil conservation, and for DOC and as landowner liaison officer for animal pest control. Mid-career Keith also spent 12 years as a pastor.

    Keith’s formal qualifications include M.Res & Env Planning (Hon), B.Theol, B.Sc (Geol) and NZCS (Geol). He is a member of NZ Coastal Society, an Intermediate member of NZPI and gained CEnvP certification earlier this year. He is also a previous winner of the ‘Environmental’ category for ‘Wellingtonian of the Year’ (2012).

    He is an active member of the Wellington Branch of EIANZ.

    In his ‘spare’ time Keith enjoys DIY, tramping wild NZ and photography, for which he has recently bought his own (modest) drone!

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  • Alison Davis MEIANZ CEnvP

    Alison Davis MEIANZ CEnvP

    Alison Davis MEIANZ CEnvP Secretary

    I am currently working for the NZ Defence Force as an environmental advisor based in Wellington.  The focus of my role at present is to prepare environmental plans to manage and safeguard natural resources on the NZDF estate. Past work has been for local and central government, as well as working as an environmental consultant with a focus on biodiversity protection and restoration.

    Ecology has been my passion for over 30 years, and I have been able to build up extensive experience in this field. More recently I have begun to develop my knowledge in rural land management with a focus on sustainable land and water management.

    When I have time I enjoy getting into the outdoors to experience the wonderful backcountry and alpine areas we have access to in NZ, and volunteer my time to encourage others to do likewise.

    I joined EIANZ over a year ago, and soon after sought and gained certification as an environmental practitioner with an ecology endorsement. I am very keen to promote the EIANZ in New Zealand, and to encourage environmental professionals to seek practitioner certification. I see this as improving government, industry and community confidence in the work of environmental professionals, and to uphold standards and ethics within the profession.

    I am looking forward to assisting the NZ chapter of the EIANZ by taking up the role of secretary.

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  • Chris Bailey MEIANZ CEnvP

    Chris Bailey MEIANZ CEnvP Treasurer

    Chris first started working in environmental science (ecotoxicology) at Lincoln University in the 1990s. These days he is a support person for organisations following the Enviro-Mark Programme to prevent pollution and reduce their environmental impacts. He has been EIANZ (NZ) treasurer for the last 3 years.

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  • Steph Brown MEIANZ CEnvP

    Steph Brown MEIANZ CEnvP

    Steph Brown MEIANZ CEnvP CEnvP Coordinator and Christchurch Branch Coordinator

    I joined EIANZ over 10 years ago and became certified as an environmental practitioner in 2007.  For the last 15 years I have been working for Opus as an environmental consultant.

    For the last 4 years I have been CEnVP Coordinator for NZ, and this year have taken on the same role for the specialist categories.  I consider that scheme provides a greater level of assurance and peer recognition for environmental professionals.

    Outside of work I enjoy getting into the outdoors tramping, sailing and kayaking.

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  • Amanda Fountain

    Amanda Fountain

    Amanda Fountain Students and Early Careers Portfolio
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  • Mark Bellingham MEIANZ CEnvP

    Mark Bellingham MEIANZ CEnvP

    Mark Bellingham MEIANZ CEnvP Committee Member

    Mark’s works for Terra Nova Planning in Orewa as their Principal Ecologist and Planner. He has taken a rather different route to environmental consulting, including conservation planning in private practice and NGOs, lecturing at Auckland and Massey University’ Planning schools and a long stint as Forest and Bird’s Senior Planner and Conservation Manager. He has extensive experience in Rural Planning, Conservation and Threatened Species Planning, and as an expert witness at the Environment Court.

    Mark has a strong interest in sustainable land use and getting the best environmental solutions for clients. With changing plans in Auckland and across New Zealand, clients and Councils are expecting more sustainable development to take them into the future. In his spare time Mark is a keen cyclist and small farmer. He also manages a recovery project on the Kaipara Harbour for the endangered NZ Fairy Tern.

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  • Justine Quinn CEnvP

    Justine Quinn CEnvP Auckland Branch Coordinator
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  • Kirsty Austin MEIANZ

    Kirsty Austin MEIANZ Wellington Branch Coordinator
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  • Annabelle Coates MEIANZ

    Annabelle Coates MEIANZ Christchurch Branch Coordinator
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  • Mark Davies MEIANZ CEnvP

    Mark Davies MEIANZ CEnvP Top of the South Branch Coordinator
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The New Zealand Chapter runs a wide variety of events and supports young professionals in their career development. The New Zealand Chapter has branches in the major centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and a further branch covering the Marlborough and Tasman area known as Top of the South. Events are organised at the Branch-level. 

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