Our vision and values

Our vision and values

Our Vision

By 2020, our distinctive ability to certify the proficiency of environmental professionals, hold them accountable to standards, support their career development and add value to the development of environmental policy and practice will result in EIANZ being recognised as the pre-eminent body representing environmental professionals in Australia and New Zealand and a step-change in membership to greater than 7,000 persons.

Our Values

Our values are embodied in our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. All members agree to abide by this code in conducting their professional practice.

We value excellence in environmental practice.

This kind of practice is characterised by:

  • The protection and enhancement of the environment for future generations through leadership in avoidance and mitigation of harms and adaptation to change.
  • The preference given to the integrity and resilience of biological systems essential to the sustained wellbeing of human beings.
  • Honest, objective and well-founded environmental practice based on scientific evidence.
  • Environmental practice that goes beyond the minimum legal requirements.
  • Environmental practice that is multidisciplinary and collaborative, integrating knowledge across domains and between stakeholders.