Mark Breitfuss MEIANZ CEnvP

Mark Breitfuss MEIANZ CEnvP

Dr Mark Breitfuss is a Principal Environmental Scientist with over 23 years’ experience. Mark is a qualified ecologist and has worked closely with all levels of government and industry to ensure the successful implementation of development approvals, State and Commonwealth Environmental Impact Statements, EPBC referrals, business cases, community and stakeholder consultation strategies and governance frameworks across Australia. For much of his career, Mark has worked within the nexus between sustainable development and natural communities. His work has encompassed:

  • Management of threatened species and ecological communities
  • Post-doctoral research into the management of mosquitoes of human health importance
  • Saltmarsh and mangrove ecology
  • Intertidal and wetland ecology
  • Conservation of endangered butterflies, frogs, mammals and birds
  • Habitat continuity and edge effects
  • Biodiversity offsets

Mark has a proven track record in government liaison, negotiation, strategy development/implementation, strategic project approvals processes and executive communication and engagement. Mark has built a solid professional reputation in the environmental consulting market and across multiple business sectors.

Mark is a Certified Environmental Practitioner and in 2017 received the Mary Lou Morris Award, recognising outstanding service to the Institute at a Divisional level. He has previously been a President of the EIANZ SEQ Division and Chair of the Advisory Council of the EIANZ.